Mas Village is an art village located in the area of Ubud. In this village most of the population is a wood craftsmen, especially in sculpture, with the unique characteristic that distinguishes synergy by promoting humanism and Naturalism. With the title as an art village is famous in the national and world level which is not forgetting from the highness name of some maestros which has borne and found the spirit (taksu) and soul, it is inseparable from the greatness of the name one of several well-known maestros is IDA BAGUS TILEM.

Mas Village and Crafting Society

Mas Village is one of the villages in Bali as well-known by manufacturer of wood carving. The result of wood carving art from this village has very diverse sizes with the style of various daily activities of Balinese society such as fisherman, merchants, farmers, workers, intellectuals, etc. Before famous as one of wood carving village the long history of Mas village's was also known as an agricultural village that most of the society are farmers who undergoes a transformation to the crafting society.

Places of interest near by

  • Batuan Temple
  • Ubud Monkey Fores
  • Ubud Art Market
  • Ubud Palace

Tourist Atraction near by 

  • Keris Dance
  • Kecak Or fire Dance
  • puppet shadow

How To Visit Mas Village 

If you wish to go to this place several of our day tour will insert it into their program like:

  • Ubud Village Tour,
  • Kintamani Tours,
  • Besakih Temple Tour,


  • Parking Area
  • Police Station
  • Food Stall, Drinks Stall
  • Balinese Dance Perfomance
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Hotel, Guest House
  • Bank, ATM

Mas Village on Google Map

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