Aussie Bali Adventures is one of the ATV riding adventure doing in the beach, Start your experience in the traditional Bali Village of Tegal Mengkeb. Travel through villages and rice fields with breathtaking ocean views, then down on to the beach. Amazing photo opportunities and some free ride time on the black sands of Klechung Beach, before travelling back through more scenic rice terraces and villages.

What the adventure look like?

Aussie Bali Adventures will bring you to the exciting experience by riding ATV on the beach. You will be collected by our air -conditioned vans, approximately one hour drives from Kuta area. On arrival there is some paperwork to be completed and you will be advised of safety issues and rules. Most tours are for two hours riding on the beach, through rice fields and local villages. After finish back to base camp for taking a shower, You will receive light refreshments on return and then be returned to your villa or hotel.


Adventure that will be done

    On arrival there is some paperwork to be completed and you will be advised of safety issues and rules.The guides will show you our ATV ride and you will try to practice how to ride the ATV In Bali for a few minutes


    In this place will see the activities a rural residents, children playing in the yard, when the afternoon many people who will do the worship at the temple nearby


    Not only the Beautiful scenery of the rice fields encountered in mountainous areas only,  in this adventure will also see a very beautiful stretch of rice fields.


    Experience never forgotten by riding an ATV on the beach, with fresh air and stunning scenery will be encountered here, so do not forget to bring a camera to capture this moment.


US$69Single, US$109Tandem

*Price are subject to minimun 2 person

What to bring?

Change of Clothes, Sun block or Sunscreen, Sneaker / Running Shoes, Socks, Camera for your documentation


Rates are Inclusive:
  •   Round trips hotel transportation
  •   Air Conditioned Transport
  •   Refreshments during trip
  •   Light refreshments
  •   Free singlet
  •   Safety Insurance coverage
Pick up schedule:
  • Early Bird   07.15 - 08.00am
  • Middle        08.30 - 09.00am

inquiry reservation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there information that we provide is not clear.

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