How the activity look like?

Swimming with dolphins is also one of the therapy. In this activity, you will be invited to swim together however accompanied by a guide. Here, swim time will usually be divided into two stages. First, you will swim for 10 minutes as the introduction stage. Then followed a second stage for approximately 10 minutes to swim together that will always be supervised by a guide. You will be welcome to touch or hug dolphins. Usually they would come over to be able to touch.

Notice: For women who are menstruating, are not allowed to swim with dolphins!

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Swim with a dolphin is a very amazing experience can be done in completing your holiday in the island of Bali. Bali Swimming with Dolphin Tour is one of the most favored activities of tourists, especially when enjoying a holiday on the island of Bali. In Bali there are several companies that organized this business. The most famous company of these activities is organizing by Melka hotel, in a pool large enough there were two dolphins that are ready to be invited to swim.


Pickup will start at 07.30am for Kuta and the surrounding area. It takes about two and half hour drive to reach the site.


Here, you will be invited to swim together for approximately 20 minutes which is divided into two levels. Required to wear special clothing to swim.

  • TOUR

After being satisfied swim with dolphins. We will invite around visiting some other interesting places that exist in the area. Like visiting Hot Springs, Buddhist Temple, Waterfalls, and scenic spots in Lovina Black Sandy Beach.

What to bring?

Swimwear, Camera, Hat, Sun screen and cash.

US$ 98 net/person Min. 2 people
Rates are inclusive:
  • Air-conditioning transfer
  • Swim with dolphin ticket
  • Entrance Fee in each tourism places
  • One bottle of mineral water
  • Insurance

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there information that we provide is not clear.


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