What the activity look like?

Bumbu Bali cooking class activities will be done in the morning. will first visit the traditional market for various purposes to make spices such as ginger, chili, etc. in this  traditional market also, you will buy meat, chicken, fresh fish, and various kinds of vegetables. Arrival in the kitchen, the materials in purchase that was going to be used to create a wide range of Balinese food is very tasty. Dressed in black and white aprons and a copy of 20 recipes participants will be guided into the many secrets, and flavors of Bali and at the same time, discover and feel the peacefulness of a harmonious Balinese home.

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Bumbu Bali Cooking Class offers a different experience to the tourists who come to Bali. With expertise a spice in cooking concocting, makes this very famous among culinary lovers. This school will teach and provide insight to you how to make Balinese cuisine. It is also, by attending classes at Bumbu Bali Cooking Class will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Recipes prepared
  • Normal Class

1. Base Gede - Basic Spice Paste
2. Sayur Urab - Minced Vegetables with Coconut
3. Opor Ayam - Chicken Stock
4. Bali sate Lilit - Minced Seafood Sate
5. Special receipe from the chef
6. Pisang Goreng - Fried Bananas

  • Vegetarian Class

1. Base Gede - Basic Spice Paste
2. Tempe Manis -
3. Tahu Guling Telor
4. Bergedel
5. Gado - Gado
6. Bali Pancake

  • Extra Day class

1. Babi Kecap - Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce
2. Nasi Goreng - Fried Rice
3. Tum - Minced Chicken in Banana Leaf
4. Tuna Sambal Matah - Seafood Spice Paste
5. Bubur Injin - Black Rice Pudding

Cooking Class itinerary
  • 08.00 - Pick Up from your loby hotel
  • 09.00 - Paricipants meet at Bumbu Bali Restaurant
  • 09.15 - Arrival at Ubud traditional market
  • 10.15 - Srart with cooking program
  • 14.00 - Brem Punch
What to bring?

Modest clothes, Camera, Hat, Sun screen and cash

US$ 49 net/person - min. 2 people
Rates are inclusive:
  • Air-conditioning transfer
  • All Material for cooking
  • Book recipe
  • Bumbu Bali kitchen apron
  • brem punch
  • one of natural mineral water
  • all the food that you make on the class

inquiry reservation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there information that we provide is not clear.

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