See Bali Adventures provides the ultimate excitement in ATV and Buggy Riding those are exploring the pure nature of Bali using the powerful off road vehicles with totally fun, exciting and challenging. All of vehicles are well specially designed for speeding in the area of muddy, rocky soil, across the bush, river and all off road tracks. These activities are home base in Tengkudak Village, Penebel district and Tabanan Regency which is well known as Bali's Rice Bowl, the region boasts the most fertile soil on the island.

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What the adventure look like?

See Bali Adventures will bring you to the exciting experience by starting off road in the muddy ground and continue to magnificent journey. The professional and well trained staff will lead you to discover the most interesting site in Tabanan Regency as the biggest rice sources for Bali Island. Normally one group will be joined by two ATV guides, and the duration for this adventure is around two hours. You will pass three different area like rice terrace field, small forest, and river area. Take a rest for awhile in second area and will get mineral water. The last action you can make a jump with your ATV. After finish back to base camp for taking a shower and take you to hotel.


Adventure that will be done

    The guides will show you our ATV ride with capacity of the engine 250 and 350cc and you will try to practice how to ride the ATV In Bali for a few minutes


    After finish practice, the guide will take to the track will passing beautiful coffee plantations.


    On this occasion will be riding an ATV in a creek, this is the most challenging thing in this adventure.


    Beautiful scenery of rice fields will be one main attraction in the adventure of riding ATV

US$79Single, US$119Tandem

*Price are subject to minimun 2 person

What to Bring

Change of Clothes, Sun block or Sunscreen, Sneaker / Running Shoes, Socks, Camera for your documentation.

inquiry reservation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there information that we provide is not clear.

Rates are Inclusive:
  • Round trip hotel transportation
  • Mouth watering meals at Our Restaurant
  • Mineral water
  • Free souvenir
  • Hygienic hot / cold shower room facilities
  • Clean bath towels
  • Safety Insurance coverage
Pick up Schedule:
Early Bird  07.15 - 08.00am
Middle  10.15 - 11.00am
Afternoon 12.15 - 01.00pm

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